5 minutes with Careers Adviser, Benn Broadbent

How do you help people who come to HCA for employment support?

“I like to take a personal approach and help each person that comes for a session in a way that helps them as an individual. We look at their CV and tweak it if it needs to be tweaked. Or if the client doesn’t have one, I will help to write one right there in the session. So I try to be pragmatic – if they need help with a cover letter, then we will look at that. Or if they need help signing up to or using a jobsite, then that’s what we will do in the 60 minute session.

When the client comes to me I will see them at least twice, so I can really help them explore what they can do, what they want to do, what is available for them out there and help them to get motivated.”

How often to you come to Hyde Community Action to provide sessions?

“I come to Hyde Community Action once a month to provide 60-minute one-to-one sessions. I also come once per quarter to deliver an employability workshop.”

Why did you become a careers advisor?

“I’ve been coming to Hyde Community Action to provide this service for nearly two years now, and I really enjoy it. But it was actually not intentional, that I became a careers advisor. My own career has taken some funny twists and turns and after starting out as a swimming teacher and life guard, I started to work in recruitment and eventually ended up working as a careers adviser.”

Who can come to your sessions at Hyde Community Action and how?

“I can see anyone who lives in the Greater Manchester area and is out of work. It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked before or not or if you have no idea what you’re entitled to. We have a chat and take it from there.

To book onto a session you speak to Hasina or Rehana at Hyde Community Action (0161 368 3268) who can book you onto the next available date. We are currently booking people onto sessions for the 12th of December.”