Navigating towards normality

The Diversity Matters team are excited about taking steps towards opening back up to the community. The steps are still baby-sized, but they are definitely headed in the right direction.

Staff at the charity have developed an exit strategy which will take the team from working from home most of the time – to once again welcoming the public to take part in activities in the Hyde Healthy Living Centre.

Diversity Matters staff still only spend limited time in the premises on Great Norbury Street – between them covering all weekdays, so to ensure you reach us, you should always call ahead on 0161 368 3268 or ring our mobiles direct.

Where to next?

We are delighted to welcome all staff to the Healthy Living Centre again by the end of July and we are crossing our fingers, that the centre will be open to the community again by the 6th of September.

Staff members Shibley and Hasina are enjoying a slow, but socially distanced, return to the Healthy Living Centre.

So, for a while, our sessions will continue to be a mix of virtual events and in-person activities. If we are lucky, we may even be able to provide more activities in the centre so keep an eye on our social media feeds for up-to-date news!

An exciting addition to our programme, borne out of necessity through the lockdown in 2020, is our live Instagram sessions, where our Liza uses this media to stream healthy awareness sessions. They are definitely worth a watch so make sure you follow our Instagram account to keep up with the latest live events:

A return to an old favourite

One of the activities that we are delighted to be able to bring back sooner than September, is the Young Girls Sports Club, which has already resumed in Hyde Town Hall every Wednesday. The session takes place at 5-7pm for girls aged 13-18. Unfortunately, spaces are still limited though, so booking is required. To book please contact Shibley on 07946329099.