COVID-19 Support

Booking a Covid-19 test

To book online the website is: 
To book via the telephone: Ring 119

ANYONE can now request a Covid -19 test if they are experiencing symptoms. Here is more information:

Our advice: If you are unwell, do not go to your GP, instead CALL 111. You can also check if you have COVID-19 symptoms by using NHS 111 online: In case of an emergency, do not delay – call 999 immediately.

In this section you can find further support on support for the BAMER community during COVID-19, health, homeschooling, staying positive and mentally healthy, keeping fit, dealing with benefits and immigration, shopping, money worries and many other things during these strange times.

Contacting DMNW during COVID-19

Stay well and remember, you can still contact us for the kind of support we have been providing the community for over ten years! Some of our staff work part time, but even in these testing times there is someone in the office picking up calls Monday to Friday, so you can try to catch us or leave a voicemail at any time. You can also email us. All of our contact details can be found here.

DMNW Programme updates

Our programmes and projects are currently running at scaled down or altered versions. Below is what is currently available and if you have any questions or concerns about this, please do get in touch.

COVID-19 support projects:

  • Wellbeing Calls: All DMNW service users will receive a wellbeing call to find out whether extra support is needed during the pandemic and to signpost or refer where needed. If you would like to talk to someone in the mean time or for more information get in touch with Shibley, Liza or Ruhela.
  • Supporting local Hyde initiative Hello Slips: DMNW are supporting the local ‘hello slips’ initiative set up and run by the ‘Helping the Community’ group on Facebook. DMNW are supporting the group to reach more in the community by arranging for the slips to be available in Bangla and by helping to publicise the initiative. For more information get in touch with Ruhela.
  • Supporting the TMBC Helpline: We are working in partnership with Action Together and Tameside Council (TMBC) to help support vulnerable communities, specifically in Hyde. DMNW are doing research into local activities and support services operating in Hyde to feed into the wider TMBC offer. We are recruiting and re-assigning bilingual volunteers to this project to support the local Bangladeshi communities in relation to language and access to the support service. Our staff will provide an advocacy role into the TMBC helpline or seek help from other support services. For more information or to get involved with this project get in touch with Mariam or Ruhela.

Usual DMNW projects:

  • The Tameside Buddy Project: This project continues to support people who have long term conditions and are suffering with their mental health. In partnership with Mind and LEAP, buddy coordinators will arrange for weekly wellbeing calls from volunteers with the potential to progress to virtual activities (if required). For more information get in touch with Ambia or Ruhela.
  • The Peer Mentoring Project: This project continues to support South Asian women who are in crisis. In light of the current situation the project will be also offering over the phone emotional support to women who are suffering from bereavement. Staff working on this project will be trying to offer something by way of social activities and information from health professionals. For more information get in touch with Fouzia or Gemma.
  • Be Well Service: This project will provide minimal community liaison initiatives initially during April, May and June 2020. Staff working on the project will be posting monthly videos around healthy eating and the 5 ways to wellbeing and continue to link BAMER communities into the Be Well services where appropriate. For more information get in touch with Liza or Rehana.
  • Tameside BAMER Cancer Awareness Project: This project continues to support the cancer champions to disseminate the key messages about cancer within the community. Staff are available to support anyone who has any questions or concerns with regards to cancer. For more information get in touch with Shibley or Gemma.
  • Bright Future Volunteering Project: This project endeavours to reach local young females to continue to engage in physical exercise through various media online. Current volunteers are being re-assigned to Action Togethers pandemic volunteer scheme in support of the TMBC Helpline. For more information get in touch with Mariam or Rehana.
  • Women’s Basic Skills Training and Employment Readiness Project: This new project, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, is currently taking interests for training courses that will be run once the current pandemic and social distancing measures have been lifted. Until then, we are posting resources on Facebook and on this website to help future potential service users learn English, up-skill themselves etc. For more information get in touch with Ruhela or Rehana.